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Midday Foreplay Candle

Midday Foreplay Candle

The Midday Foreplay candle has a defying definition in its self. What most people don't realize is that foreplay isn't just about what you're doing to each other physically but the stimulation is also mental. It creates sexual tension and anticipation that makes the actual sex even better. Which requires patience and sexual discipline. Carrying out the act midday gives you something to think about up to and something to rememeber afterwards.


    The Midday Foreplay Candle has been made with soy wax, pure fragrance oils, and a cotton paper wick to give you a long lasting clean true to scent. We bring you our Signature scent. The creation of Luxe Champagne. A sweet and bubbly, light aroma. 



    8 oz. Soy Candle.

    Approximately 60+ hr Burn Time.

$32.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
8 oz: Black